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Audio of excerpt from White Elephant

I was asked to read an excerpt from my novel, White Elephant, today at Birmingham-Southern College’s Honors Day. If you missed my reading, here’s an audio recording of the excerpt I read, as well as a brief synopsis. © 2013

My Pseudo-Pseudonym

Amanda White isn’t my real name. Sure, it sounds common enough. It’s a good, old Anglo-Saxon name; nothing too special. My real name is much more exciting because its foreign. Arabic to be specific. So why did I choose to write under a pseudonym, you ask? Good question. Well, my real first name is Amanda. […]

So the journey begins…

At age five, if you had asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would’ve said, “A waitress at McDonald’s! So I can make sure all the kids have toys in their Happy Meals!” While my young heart was in the right place, I failed to realize that you can’t be […]