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Audio of excerpt from White Elephant

I was asked to read an excerpt from my novel, White Elephant, today at Birmingham-Southern College’s Honors Day. If you missed my reading, here’s an audio recording of the excerpt I read, as well as a brief synopsis. © 2013

Grumble, Grumble, Book Jacket

[Insert grumbling noises here] Whoever came up with the bright idea of compressing 50,000+ words into a less-than-300-words book jacket got down on writers like the economy got down on America. Writing your own book jacket is hard! If you don’t believe me, just keep reading… Your book jacket is the first thing a potential […]

Event: Birmingham-Southern College

What: Reading an excerpt from my novel, White Elephant When: Thursday, May 2, 2013 in the 2:50-4:05 time slot Where: Birmingham-Southern College, Harbert Auditorium (HB 128). The Harbert Building is the large building behind the Belltower in the photo below. Notes: Free and open to the public. I’m in a time slot with three poets […]

My Pseudo-Pseudonym

Amanda White isn’t my real name. Sure, it sounds common enough. It’s a good, old Anglo-Saxon name; nothing too special. My real name is much more exciting because its foreign. Arabic to be specific. So why did I choose to write under a pseudonym, you ask? Good question. Well, my real first name is Amanda. […]

So the journey begins…

At age five, if you had asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would’ve said, “A waitress at McDonald’s! So I can make sure all the kids have toys in their Happy Meals!” While my young heart was in the right place, I failed to realize that you can’t be […]