Adventures in Publishing

There are plenty of blogs that tell you how to write.

Write x amount of words per day. Use a book of prompts. Read the piece backwards to edit. Read the dialogue out loud as you write.

And I’m not bashing them. They’re good resources. I’ve used them myself.

But what do you do when you’ve finished a manuscript and have edited it (with the help of your good friends José Cuervo, Captain Morgan, Samuel Adams, Jim Beam, and Jack Daniels) until you can’t see straight? (How the $#&% did all these dudes get into my apartment?!)

That’s part of why I made this blog.

No, not to glorify the adventures of me and my merry band of fermented friends.

To document my publishing process–the process of me actually becoming a living, breathing author (as opposed to a post-posthumous author, you know).

Yes, this is my author blog, but I must first have my manuscript published before I can officially call myself an author.

You can follow me on that journey. Every step of the way.

Besides, what’s an adventure without someone to share it with?

I’ll be taking the traditional publishing route by trying to get picked up by a major publishing house.

And if that doesn’t work (though I’m sure it will after my good friends have a word with the publishing powers that be…), I’ll retool my game plan.

You can also follow my adventures via Twitter and Facebook. See my contact page for links.


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