My Pseudo-Pseudonym

Amanda White isn’t my real name.

Sure, it sounds common enough. It’s a good, old Anglo-Saxon name; nothing too special. My real name is much more exciting because its foreign. Arabic to be specific.

So why did I choose to write under a pseudonym, you ask?

Good question. Well, my real first name is Amanda.

But most of my friends call me Mandy.

To be honest, though, Amanda White isn’t entirely a pseudonym. It’s a pseudo-pseudonym.

Not just because my real first name really is Amanda, but because at some point in the next few years, my real last name will be White.

I know, I know. Don’t rush into things. (I’m not.) Don’t pay however many hundreds of dollars to change my last name before I’m married. (I’m not.)

Anyway, one day my name really will be Amanda White and it won’t be a pseudonym at all.

So why did I choose to start going by Amanda White early, you ask?

Good question. The answer is rather simple, really.

“White” rhymes with “write.” So there’s this nice phonetic ring to “Amanda White Writes,” and usually where there’s a nice phonetic ring, people remember things.

I want you to remember me and my writing. I want you to remember reading about White Elephant here and look for it on bookstore shelves when it has officially been released.

My pseudo-pseudonym is mostly about branding. And I know what you’re thinking–I could’ve chosen any name that rhymes with “write.” And you’re right.

I could’ve been Amanda Wright, Amanda Knight, Amanda Flyte, or any number of similar combinations. But I’m going out on a limb here. Sure, there’s a chance that things may not work out between me and my boyfriend and I’ve branded myself with his last name. What then?

Nothing. This pseudonym is here to stay, even if something happens (unforeseeable, of course) and he isn’t.

While I like the phonetics of “Amanda White,” taking this name is also my way of showing him that there’s room for the multiple loves and priorities in my life, particularly him and writing.

And, in case you’re wondering, the title of my first novel being White Elephant is purely coincidence. But another pleasant coincidence nonetheless.


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  1. Jessica · · Reply

    You’re so witty! You have worked so hard, and I am so excited to see all of your beautiful work displayed! Happy writing!

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